Beautiful Hair.

We offer a complete range of hair care products with all natural Shea Butter that penetrates deep into the hair and scalp.

Natural Ingredients.

We base our products on Shea Butter which is nature’s secret to soft, shiny and beautiful hair. All products contain a 70% Keratin and 30% Amino Acid combination.

Quality Products.

We proudly create all of our products based on the natural vitamins, proteins and essential acids all derived from the butter of the Shea nut.

The Shea Butter difference 

For centuries, women of West Africa and the Savannah grasslands have relied on Shea Butter, also known as karité, to protect their skin, hair and scalp from the harsh African climate.


Cracked open, the Shea Butter nut reveals butter rich in vitamins A, E and F, essential fatty acids, proteins and cinnamic acid.